The Challenge & Solution

OTo count large number of small objects it takes a lot of time. Also when you want to extract minute details about each object, time adds up exponentially which also increases number of resources to overcome this problem. With our Resource X and Scan Pro these problems can be solved easily. Our client wanted the count of number of objects in a tray along with 3D modelling and minute details of each objects, and classify them. Saooi's technical and business experties in domain of AI and Deep learning eased up the whole process.

Speed & Accuracy

OOn CPU we take around 5-10sec to count 100-1000 diamonds, whereas on GPU it takes just 1sec. Whole system can be used as plug and play in your mobile device, providing accuracy of more than 97% which keeps improving everyday.

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1. Diamond and jewellery count

Test case 1 - Diamond Count

Test case 2 - Diamond Count

Test case 3 - Diamond Count

Test case 4 - Jewellery Count

Test case 5 - Jewellery Count

Test case 6 - Jewellery Count

2. Diamond similarity measurement

Test case 7 - Diamond Similarity

Test case 8 - Diamond Similarity

Test case 9 - Diamond Similarity

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